Know your risks. Make better decisions.

Everything you thought you knew about taking risks.

Risk is everywhere.

If we don't take risks, we wont achieve much in life. Fortunately, we are all instinctively able to manage risk. If we weren't, by now we'd likely have stepped in front of a bus or come to a grizzly end in some other way.

This mini course is designed to help you make decisions on your risks in a more structured way. It will take your instinctive skills to the next level so that you can:

  • Avoid nasty surprises
  • Prioritise which risks to deal with
  • Have fun, safely
  • Identify risks and work out the best way to minimise those risks
  • Make better decisions

It's a great introduction to risk for sports people, home owners, parents, small business owners...everyone really!

Your Instructor

Kev England
Kev England

Kev is a Registered Health and Safety Practitioner (HASANZ) with over 20 years of experience in a range of industries including oil-well drilling, earthquake recovery, opencast mining, safety equipment design, white-water rafting and adult education. He prides himself in providing practical, focussed and immediately relevant learning, so that people can quickly and cheaply reduce their exposure to hazards. Kev is able to communicate the structured methods of risk management in a way that is easy to grasp and leaves people with a feeling of confidence to make positive changes in their workplace, homes and everyday lives. He holds a Masters Degree in Hazard and Disaster Management from the University of Canterbury and is a Graduate Member of the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management.

This half hour course will get you thinking in the right ways so that you can maximise the rewards that your life offers whilst minimising the risks! It's free, it's fun and it's only half an hour!

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